Beauty in the Chaos

    As I’ve been showing you glimpses of some of the “after” shots of our beautiful remodel this week, it was weighing on my heart to also share a bit of the honesty of a remodel. One thing I am not is a phony. If I’m going to spend my time sharing with you, […]

Suburban Coastal Farmhouse Mudroom

Thought I’d share some pictures of our mudroom today. This room is GIANT. And these pictures won’t do it justice, mainly because outside the walls of these frames is…well, our laundry. Living at the lake, we wanted to be super intentional with our flooring choice in here. Knowing that sand, mud, and water were going […]

White Farmhouse Kitchen

Absence has made your heart grow fonder right? Oddly enough, apparently moving is a lot of work. And remodeling. The something that had to give unfortunately has been blogging. :/ BUT, I’m back today with a few shots of how our white farmhouse kitchen turned out. I’m obsessed. And I actually LOVE it in it’s […]

A Girlfriend’s Guide To Dallas & Magnolia Market

Taking a girls trip is one of those things that sounds like something from the movies. If you’re anything like me though, mama, you need it. Uninterrupted conversation about everything under the sun (even just on the flight!), good food, so many laughs and just good memories for the soul. Of the 6 of us […]

Fear of Failure

I’m straying from my normal remodel posts, and house progress, to share a little from my heart today. I had a breakthrough moment last night, as I was winding down my evening – kids all in bed, husband asleep, and the house was quiet. These are oftentimes my thinking moments. Quiet house = bliss. This […]

How to Remodel Phase 2: Construction Starts!

I shared with you here the first phase of our remodel process. Now we move on to Phase 2, which we are just about to wrap up here within the week! After you secure your contractor bids, sign your contracts with each trade, and construction begins! First up (after demo of course) is framing. It’s […]

How To Remodel – Phase 1: Contractor Bids

Well we are a full month and a half into this remodel process, and we’ve made progress, but it’s been A LOT of hurry up and wait. Despite having a super long closing period with the house (in order for us to interview, and choose various contractors), we JUST recently signed our contract and are […]

Demo Day #1

We went full throttle on house progress yesterday. Not only did we officially receive the keys yesterday morning, but we had a dumpster ordered to arrive first thing and began tearing things up (with the help of some of our village), all the while we’re parading various contractors through the house to get a few […]

Buying Your Dream House In A Hot Market

I shared earlier this week some fun and exciting news for our household. But I wanted to share a short snippet of how we went about purchasing this home given the hot housing market in the Seattle area right now. Our strategy was a little more non-traditional. By now, most real estate agents would advise […]

We’re Moving!

Fun, big, exciting news in the Dirt Stains and Paint household: We’re Moving!! For about a year and a half, we’ve had our eye on our dream neighborhood. This neighborhood is reminiscent of ‘the good ole days’: neighborhood Easter egg hunts, 4th of July parades, parks, bike trails, tennis courts, jumping in the lake, etc. […]